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Mars Ingenuity in flight on Mars

Coding Activity: Control NASA’s Ingenuity With Your Own Code

What if you can control NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter?  You can with this simple coding activity built with your own code using Scratch and a cool Mars Ingenuity helo graphic. On April 19th, 2021 NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter took off from the …

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GetMeCoding Build a Game with Gamefroot

What is Gamefroot? How Anyone Can Make a Video Game

Did you ever want to make a video game?  If you have wanted to build a game then you want to visit Gamefroot.  Gamefroot is a game creation website where you can make games that you can share with others.  …

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Scratch 3.0
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What is new in Scratch 3.0?

As we usher in 2019, we will see all sorts of new technological things. Leading the pack this year is Scratch 3.0. What is new in Scratch 3.0? I take a look at what is new and also let you …

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GetMeCoding Code At Home Free Programming Course
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Learn Programming At Home: A Free Course To Get Started

We are surrounded by technology.  Whether you think it is great or a distraction it really has crept into every part of our lives.  Today we communicate with each other using smartphone apps, select movie from our couch after viewing …

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Why Scratch Is Great For Learning To Code
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Why Scratch Is Great For Learning To Code

When I was thinking through this week’s blog entry I had a brief conversation with a parent who had stated they wanted to spark the curiosity of their daughter to learn how to code.  The parent was knowledgeable with technology …

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Build An App In Minutes With IFTTT

Did you ever just think “I wish there was an app for that”?  or  when at work “I wish this website updated my software”?  Many apps today are software applications and you need to understand coding to build them.  Getting …

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GetMeCoding - Gamefroot Attaching a Script
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Gamefroot – Attaching A Script To A Character

Gamefroot Tutorial – Attach A Script Attaching a Script to a Character Making your characters (also called OBJECTS) move and do various actions is important. Watch this video tutorial to see how you can attach a script to a character. …

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Getmecoding - Gamefroot Tutorial The HUD
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Gamefroot – Working with the HUD

Gamefroot Tutorial – The HUD Working with the HUD (Heads Up Display) Gamefroot assets offers something called a HUD. A HUD gives you quick information. For this tutorial the HUD you work with a Health Indicator object. As with many …

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Gamefroot – Add a Scrolling Background

Gamefroot Tutorial – Scrolling Background Add a Scrolling Background Gamefroot has a great way to add backgrounds and they are not static.  The script attached to the background senses the character as it moves and begins to scroll the background …

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