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I Help Parents and Kids Learn How To Code

My name is Fred or “Mr Fred” as my students call me. I have worked with kids, parents, and young adults for over 18 years to learn about software programming (aka coding) and technology.
I can help you learn to code.

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Here you will find how to get your young person coding.  I also take some time to get you up to speed on what this coding world is all about so you can make better decisions on what camps, computer programs, and schools to use….


You don’t have to have a degree in computer science to teach the fundamentals of coding.  Let me help you adopt core concepts and weave this into your classroom…

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Fred is an educator who cares deeply for the success of his students, both past and present. His classes were always engaging, exciting, and consistently something to look forward to. 

Michael R.

Computer Systems Analyst, Information Systems Security Officer

Hi! I wanted to let you know what a great impact you are making on Ian with your coding class. Thank you so much for your patience with him, and for investing in him.

Julie B.

Student's Mom

For all my moms and dads out there who’d like to introduce their littles to coding – Mr. Fred is the best of the best (and a damned awesome person to boot)!!

Lisa D. G.

Mom, Lawyer, Entrepreneur

As a parent, teacher, & software developer…

I will use what I learned and get you coding.

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