Learn how to code.

Spark curiosity. Build confidence. Become a better thinker.

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Made to be fun with challenges.  Start with these popular courses and build your coding skills.

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Student Favorite
Student Favorite

Spark Curiosity

Courses designed to allow anyone to explore. Simple so that anyone can begin.

Build Confidence

Tasks build on each other. Each completed task builds confidence to do more.

Solve Problems

Every coding project gives you chances to think on your own at your own pace.


Downloads and guides for teaching coding to your students whether virtual or face-to-face.

Why learn from Mr. Fred & GetMeCoding?

Learning to code can seem intimidating.  I want you to see how easy it can be to start, build confidence, have fun, and keep growing.

Learn From a Software Developer

Learn from me, Mr. Fred, and my software development experience working on projects from all around the world.

Build Code at Your Own Pace

We all learn differently and you can learn to code at your pace.

Over 22 Years Teaching Coding in the Classroom

I have been teaching coding for over two decades to young and old.

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Mr. Fred Tech Talks

Talks designed to explain technology in a way anyone can understand.

WNEP-16 - Guest on the Parent Pod Podcast

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Fred Aebli Get Me Coding

My Story - Mr. Fred

Getmecoding.com was created by me, Fred Aebli, to be part of a solution.

Having witnessed a growing demand for information technology professionals for over a decade, in particular, software developers, and a decline in the number of young people considering this to be a career possibility, I thought something more can be done.   I am taking my 22+ years of teaching at the college level along with my experience as a software developer consultant and packaging it up here.

“Mr. Fred” is easier than saying Mr. Aebli. 

Is it pronounced ‘A-belly’ or is it ‘Ay-belly’ or is it ‘Ay-a-beeli’??  See what I mean? 

Mr. Fred works and that is coming from those who know best…..my students!

Let me help you unlock the mystery of "CODING".

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