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Best Toys To Teach Kids How To Code [2022 Update]

Are you looking for the best toys to teach kids how to code?  The Christmas and holiday gift season is here!!!!  I love this time of the year and sharing coding toy ideas with you.  Once again I have compiled …

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Kids building with coding toys.

Coding Toy Idea Book Download [2022 Update]

Are you looking for a coding toy idea as a gift?  The GetMeCoding Coding Toy Idea Book updated for 2022 has arrived!! As a kid growing up, I always looked forward to the JCPenney’s and Sears Christmas and Holiday gift …

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Blog Post Stranger Things Computer Scene Explained

Stranger Things Episode 4 Computer Scene Explained

In the spring of 2022 we saw the return of the Stranger Things Netflix series and our heroes facing new challenges. Once again we get to enjoy an episode that has a 1980’s computer scene . Like my last Stranger …

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Picture of BB-8 in a maze
Block codingBlogCoding

Download: Program Your Sphero BB-8​

Your BB-8 Download page! Wait!! Not sure how you landed here?  Read the article about programming your BB-8. Once your get your email download link, follow these simple steps to get the tools to connect to your Sphero BB-8 (or …

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CodePen Screenshot

Learn HTML by Using Codepen: A Simple Web Page

Have you wanted to learn the code behind webpages?  Codepen is a great tool to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are the foundation of most webpages on the internet today.  Let me introduce you to and give you …

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GetMeCoding Blog What Makes A Good Coding Camp
BlogCoding CampEducation

What Makes A Good Coding Camp Even During COVID-19?

It is right around late spring when parents or guardians begin their hunt for camps and activities for their young person. “What makes a good coding camp?”.  I often get asked this having taught kids camps for over 15 years.  …

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Mars Ingenuity in flight on Mars

Coding Activity: Control NASA’s Ingenuity With Your Own Code

What if you can control NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter?  You can with this simple coding activity built with your own code using Scratch and a cool Mars Ingenuity helo graphic. On April 19th, 2021 NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter took off from the …

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A Farewell to Flash – An Important Lesson For All Coders

On December 31, 2020 the software company, Adobe, bid farewell to Flash which is a technology that was a game changer and presents an important lesson for all coders.  Microsoft will then begin blocking Windows from running any Flash files.  …

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No Code or Low Code
BlogCodingLow Code

What is “low code” or “no code”? You May be The Next Citizen Developer

No-Code and Low-Code software program creation is here and this is what you can do with it. I explain what is “coding” in a prior blog post so if the concept of software programming is still new or “fuzzy” to …

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