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2023 Coding Toy Idea Book

Best Toys To Teach Kids How To Code [2023 Update]

Hello there! The 2023 Christmas and Holiday season is finally here and it’s the perfect time to inspire and encourage the young minds to learn something new and exciting. I’ve put together an amazing list of the best toys that ...
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Coding Toy Idea Book 2023 Cover

Coding Toy Idea Book Download [2023 Update]

Are you looking for a coding toy idea as a gift? The GetMeCoding Coding Toy Idea Book updated for 2023 and our 5th Anniversary Edition has arrived!! As a kid growing up, I always looked forward to the JCPenney’s and ...
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Retro Gaming Redefined: Review and Instructions for the Elecfreaks Microbit Retro Arcade Handheld Device

The Elecfreaks Microbit Retro Arcade Handheld device is a must-have for anyone who loves coding, electronics, and retro games. With this device in your hand, you can carry around all the games you create that have the classic arcade games ...
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30 Days Lost in Space Adventure Teacher’s Resources Download

Download these Teacher’s Resources that you can use with the 30 Days Lost in Space Adventure Kit. The download contains: Welcome message from Mr. Fred “What is the Arduino?” – Presentation Example Assignment and Grading Rubric for the adventure kit. ...
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30 Days Lost in Space Adventure Kit: A Galactic Coding Adventure Right in Your Home

Greetings future space cadets! Today we’re going to traverse galaxies far, far away as we explore an adventure kit like no other. Fasten your seat belts, or should I say, your zero-gravity harnesses, and let’s dive into’s the 30 Days ...
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GetMeCoding Retro Connection Instructions Download

Elecfreaks Retro Arcade for Education Download

Download this STEP-BY-STEP guide on how to connect your Elecfreaks Retro Arcade to your Microsoft MakeCode Arcade account. Read the review about the Elecfreaks Retro Arcade A full overview on my thoughts and experience with the Retro Arcade. Watch the ...
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GetMeCoding Elecfreaks Retro Arcade for Education Game Device
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Review and Tutorial: Learn Coding with Elecfreaks Retro Arcade Handheld Device and Microsoft MakeCode Arcade – Mastering Retro Gaming

Hello there coding enthusiasts, young learners, and educators alike! I am back again to with a review and tutorial on mastering retro gaming with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade and shine a light on another exciting coding tool. Today, we’re discussing a ...
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GetMeCoding Teacher's Dilemma Scratch vs. ChatGPT
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A Teacher’s Dilemma – Scratch vs. ChatGPT

A Teacher’s dilemma is surfacing.  If you are trying to decide between using Scratch or AI-Powered ChatGPT to begin learning to code I provide a few things to consider for the coding learning experience.  Artificial intelligence may be all over ...
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GetMeCoding Review of Microsoft MakeCode
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My Review of Microsoft MakeCode – Unleashing Creativity Through Code

My review of Microsoft MakeCode unleashing creativity through code is written as a parent/teacher. If you are like me, you want your child or students to develop important skills like problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Microsoft MakeCode is a fantastic ...
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