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May the 4th Coding Galaxy – Join our Star Wars-inspired programming courses and activities!

Happy May the 4th (Star Wars Day)! The Force is strong with us! May the 4th is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this special day with our fellow Star Wars fans. If you know anything ...
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GetMeCoding - What is SQL?

What is SQL? A Lesson Using Luke Skywalker

Learning to code SQL with databases can be an interesting if you use the right example data.  In my last post I explained WHAT IS A DATABASE and provided a STAR WARS database example download.  As a huge Star Wars ...
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What is a Database?

What is a Database? A Simple Explanation Using Star Wars

When you create a software program you typically display information. That information is stored somewhere. That somewhere is usually in a database. If you are asking what is a database then let me explain. It is the one topic that ...
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Microsoft Access Database Download: Star Wars Data

Be sure to read the full blog post that explains WHAT IS A DATABASE. If you are looking for a database to learn about database or teach it using examples that would be more interesting for your students, this free ...
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