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Coding Is Not As Hard As You May Think

My coding courses will have you saying “why did I wait this long?!

The courses are designed to be fast paced, have fun, and take a leap into coding.

Built on my experience of over two decades of tutoring young people, creating kids coding camps, after school STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) sessions, and in the classroom at the college level, simply put,  I know what works.

It is time. I will be your teacher.

Build and learn with me, Mr. Fred.

I started my learning journey in the 1970’s as I entered school. I was an average student who grew up loving all things computers, Star Wars, and Disney.   Inspired by these things I studied computer science/math and found my passion in software development and teaching.

By taking my courses, you will be guided in a way that will build your coding abilities and get you ready to explore even further.

I am always learning.

That means these courses are fresh and fun.

When you enroll in a course, I will be there right by your side in email communications, video tutorials, and interacting with you via comments.

Along the way you will earn badges to showing your progress and ultimately earn a certificate that shows your hard work paid off.

You never coded before and now you wonder if you can.

If you have ever marveled over smartphone apps or used computer software or visited websites, you might be surprised to know something all software developers know.

It is our secret but I will tell you. 

We all started at the beginning. ALL OF US

My courses are designed to be that place to begin.

Everyone starts at the beginning.  

Not all schools are teaching coding

I wish they would.

The job opportunities for anyone with coding skills is AMAZING!!

Many school districts and work places are trying to start teaching coding.  But it is challenging to budgets and time.

If they are teaching coding, I have no doubt I will introduce them to additional features. I know this because classrooms are busy and kids learn at different levels and often at their own pace.

Kids….well…kids are kids. I say this as a father of 3 kids. All are different but all are wonderful.

This course is focused on the individual. You can watch the videos over and over until you get it or move on.

The course also offers CHALLENGES.  Once you get the basic idea, I present a challenge that will allow you to get creative!

You don't need to be a math or science expert

Do you need to be an expert to be able to read? No, of course not.

I see so many students sign up for a coding class only to become their worse enemy and simply give up.   

They get frustrated by the tool to make the code.

They get frustrated by cryptic commands.

Ultimately…..they tell themselves….I CAN’T DO THIS.


“Everything cannot be fun, Mr. Fred” - says the mean guy

I spent 12 years in the United States Marines and believe me, I get that.

I also have worked alongside professors for many years who pour their heart and soul into learning. In time, the tough challenges arrive in any job.

But I flip the question and ask…WHY NOT??

No one ever gives me a clear answer. Maybe it is how we define FUN.

Fun is what we have when we explore.

Fun is what we have when we have exciting challenges.

Fun is a mindset that can also help us solve any problem.

That is why I built these courses. Not to pretend but to engage and explore what coding can be.  That is when THE REAL LEARNING HAPPENS.

Learn to Code In 5 Minutes

Basics Course
$ 0
  • Pick a graphic
  • Make the graphic move
  • No prior coding knowledge needed
  • No additional software needed

Coder Course

Build a Game
$ 59
  • Learn programming concepts
  • Learn how to build a game
  • Make graphic charcters move
  • Work with sound effects
  • Create character environments
  • No additional software needed
  • No prior coding knowledge needed

Unlock the mystery of coding today!