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If you are organizing a classroom activity, event, or need advice on using technology in the classroom, let’s discuss how I can help you.

GEtMECoding Mr Fred helping students

The challenge to get started learning to code is real.
As a technologist and teacher, I know how it can feel to be overwhelmed with a new technology.
I also understand how you can make learning fun and interesting.

My journey is built on over 22 years in the college classroom teaching technology and helping many businesses solve their problems as a technology consultant.

What is your topic?
It doesn't have to be overwhelming when you have help.

Whether new to technology or you have used it for years anyone can run into a road block.

Take the first step in learning to code with “No Code” tools also known as “Block Coding”.  Think “Scratch” or the MIT App Inventor.  Or continue learning to code with other tools and languages.

Need help with WordPress or building websites with HTML and CSS, there are a variety of places we can start.

One of the most elusive to learn of the technologies but the one that is behind every app, website, and game.

I am big fan of having fun in the classroom and if it can involve technology, even better!!

Soft skills are more important than ever and you can create activities to foster teamwork and collaboration skills.

As we connect more and more online, it becomes even more important to understand how you can protect your digital self.

Let's arrange a meeting and get started.

“I look forward to hearing from you!”

GetMeCoding.com Mr Fred


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