Do you want to teach coding?

Do you know where to start?

Let me help with these resources.

Coding Lab Starter Kit - STEM / STEAM / STREAM Activity

This download contains all the necessary items to setup and teach your own coding lab activity in your home or at school. 

It is a .zip file containing a number of printables and video tutorials for your to introduce programming to your students.


Use the provided template and example to get the IDEA out of your student's head on onto paper where they can THINK IT THROUGH LOGICALLY. Then "pitch" the idea to the class. A great skill building activity.


As students complete the video tutorials and building their skills, they can earn one of four special badges. Print them out, and post them!

Video Tutorials

These video tutorials will guide a student through all key aspects of learning to program (aka code) using the Scratch Block Programming tool. Loops, Conditions, Motion, and Sound are just a part of this set.


Each video tutorial contains a challenge (or three) where students can take what they learned in the video and see if they can expand on it.

GetMeCoding Idea Generator

Idea Maker for Coding and Digital Storytelling

Not everyone is INSTANTLY creative

All students need is “a little spark”.

The download contains “Idea Prompts” that get creative ideas going!

Great for getting an idea out of a student’s head and out on paper.  This exercise is designed to simulate the critical thinking that occurs during the “Analysis” stage of the software development lifecycle that all professional coders follow.

This is a .pdf file ready for printing and handing out.

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Articles & Free Downloads For Teachers

Ask Away!

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Teaching is never dull and always challenging. 

Now….. inject a little technology concept and you can easily have chaos.

Any and all questions about teaching are welcome:

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