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GetMeCoding What is Visual Studio Code

How to Use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to Build a Simple Webpage

New to writing code? I explain how to use Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to build a simple webpage and have included a video below to demonstrate it. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free and open-source …

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GetMeCoding Blog Young People Prompt Engineer
AIArtificial intelligenceBlog

What is a Prompt Engineer And What Skills Will You Need?

Do you know what a Prompt Enginner is and what their skills are?   ChatGPT has been a huge tech buzzword these past few months and I explain it here.  Take the time to try it out.  But if have and …

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What is chatGPT?

Artificial intelligence has been a topic for a long time but now what is chatGPT?  Make no doubt about it, it isn’t a passing fad like a kids toy.  It is something we are discussing quite a bit in many …

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BlogComputer HardwareComputer Hardware

What is inside your hard disk drive?

Do you know what is inside your hard disk drive?  I got a little curious this month and decided to take one apart but only after it crashed.  I love to tinker and thought it would be good to dissect …

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Best Toys To Teach Kids How To Code [2022 Update]

Are you looking for the best toys to teach kids how to code?  The Christmas and holiday gift season is here!!!!  I love this time of the year and sharing coding toy ideas with you.  Once again I have compiled …

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Kids building with coding toys.

Coding Toy Idea Book Download [2022 Update]

Are you looking for a coding toy idea as a gift?  The GetMeCoding Coding Toy Idea Book updated for 2022 has arrived!! As a kid growing up, I always looked forward to the JCPenney’s and Sears Christmas and Holiday gift …

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GetMeCoding with the OnTheStacksPodcast and Marty the Robot

A Talk with the OnTheStacks Podcast

I recently had a great conversation with the OnTheStacks Podcast where I shared my story and what you can do to inspire young people to explore coding.  We had a lot of laughs as my host, Bill Corcoran Jr. is …

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GetMeCoding CyberSecurity Awareness Phishing

How to Spot a Phishing Email And What to do When You Get One

How to spot a phishing message and what to do can be one of the most important things you will ever do online. Have you ever received a message that had an urgent tone from someone claiming to be a …

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GetMeCoding How to Report Cyber Crime
BlogCyber SafetyCyber security

How to Report a Cyber Crime

Do you know how to report a cyber crime?  It is October and that brings Cyber Security Awareness Month.  Before I share tips to stay safe online, I wanted you to have a helpful cyber crime reporting resource and to …

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