Dad. Creator. Inspiring teacher. Military Veteran (U.S. Marine). Successful software creator. Dad. Creator.

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Talks that explain technology.

Technology is a language that many find confusing and foreign. 

Mr. Fred’s passion to help you learn while having fun is clear during his talks that clearly explains a variety of technology topics.

Talks that inspire students to dream.

Technology is a language that many find confusing and foreign.

Finding your interest and then your passion is not always a straight path. My story makes that clear and that you should dream….DREAM BIG.

Talks that will motivate.

Technology is a language that many find confusing and foreign.

Over 30 years in technology, over 22 years in the college classroom, working with startup companies, mentoring, and leading. It didn’t happen without keeping positive and moving forward.

My talks are designed to be entertaining,
and educate.

Formats that work for you
Face to face or online.

Talks are designed for being live with the gathering or virtual via the internet.

These are just a few we can weave into your event.

Topics that Inspire Entertain Inform Educate

My story is one of Star Wars, astronauts, and coding.  You might be surprised at how I got to be a teacher/technologist.  The big take-a-way, I never gave up.

Where it has been and where it is going.  Talking about the possibilities can be fun and inspiring.

Are you seeking new ideas or ways to introduce technology in your classroom or organization.  I have a few ideas to help and some topics to discuss.  Let’s chat.

As we connect more and more online, it becomes even more important to understand how you can protect your digital self.

We say THANKYOU every year on Veteran’s Day.  But what does being a Veteran actually mean?  I share my story as a former U.S. Marine Officer.

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