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GetMeCoding Teacher's Dilemma Scratch vs. ChatGPT
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A Teacher’s Dilemma – Scratch vs. ChatGPT

A Teacher’s dilemma is surfacing.  If you are trying to decide between using Scratch or AI-Powered ChatGPT to begin learning to code I provide a few things to consider for the coding learning experience.  Artificial intelligence may be all over ...
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May the 4th Coding Galaxy – Join our Star Wars-inspired programming courses and activities!

Happy May the 4th (Star Wars Day)! The Force is strong with us! May the 4th is upon us, and I couldn’t be more excited to celebrate this special day with our fellow Star Wars fans. If you know anything ...
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Mars Ingenuity in flight on Mars

Coding Activity: Control NASA’s Ingenuity With Your Own Code

What if you can control NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter?  You can with this simple coding activity built with your own code using Scratch and a cool Mars Ingenuity helo graphic. On April 19th, 2021 NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter took off from the ...
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Why Scratch Is Great For Learning To Code
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Why Scratch Is Great For Learning To Code

When I was thinking through this week’s blog entry I had a brief conversation with a parent who had stated they wanted to spark the curiosity of their daughter to learn how to code.  The parent was knowledgeable with technology ...
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Scratch - Getting Started Account Creation
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Scratch – Create Your Account

Scratch Tutorial – Create Your Scratch Account Create Your Scratch Account New to Scratch or “Block Coding”? Watch our block coding overview here to see what we mean. If you are just starting off learning to code, try using Scratch. ...
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Scratch Learn to Move
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Scratch – Learning to Move (Part 1)

Scratch Tutorial – Learning to Move Part 1 Learning to Move (Part I) New to Scratch or “Block Coding”?  Watch our block coding overview here to see what we mean. If you are just starting off learning to code, try using ...
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Scratch Get Moving Part 2
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Scratch – Learning to Move (Part 2)

Scratch Tutorial – Learning to Move Part 2 Difficulty: Intro This is a continuation of having your sprite (aka the Scratch the Cat graphic) move across your scene. Notice there are other BLUE blocks under the MOTION category. Try them ...
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Scratch Using Basic Loops
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Scratch – Basic Loops (Making something repeat)

Scratch Tutorial – Using Basic Loops (Repeat) Difficulty: Intro This tutorial demonstrates how you get an action or activity to repeat using a programming concept known as a loop.  Loops are great when you need something to happen over and ...
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Scratch Costumes
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Scratch – Working with sprites and costumes

Scratch Tutorial – Working with Costumes Difficulty: Intro In this tutorial you will begin to understand how your can change or manipulate sprites by editing costumes.    When you change a sprite color, modify the way it looks, or duplicate ...
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