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What is “low code” or “no code”? You May be The Next Citizen Developer

No-Code and Low-Code software program creation is here and this is what you can do with it. I explain what is “coding” in a prior blog post so if the concept of software programming is still new or “fuzzy” to …

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GetMeCoding Build a Game with Gamefroot

What is Gamefroot? How Anyone Can Make a Video Game

Did you ever want to make a video game?  If you have wanted to build a game then you want to visit Gamefroot.  Gamefroot is a game creation website where you can make games that you can share with others.  …

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GetMeCoding Code At Home Free Programming Course
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Learn Programming At Home: A Free Course To Get Started

We are surrounded by technology.  Whether you think it is great or a distraction it really has crept into every part of our lives.  Today we communicate with each other using smartphone apps, select movie from our couch after viewing …

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Sphero BB8
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Program Your Sphero BB-8 In 10 Minutes (Beginner Friendly)

When you hear the words “Star Wars”, what comes to mind? Jedi, light sabres, space duels and…. droids like BB-8 and R2D2. When Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the theaters in 2016 we met the latest addition to a …

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