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GetMeCoding What is Visual Studio Code

How to Use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to Build a Simple Webpage

New to writing code? I explain how to use Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) to build a simple webpage and have included a video below to demonstrate it. Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code (VS Code) is a free and open-source ...
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BLOG How to use a QR Code picture of drinks and qr code menu

How to Use a QR Code

I get asked quite frequently about how to use a QR code because it seems super technical.  The reality is that it is quite easy but there is something not everyone may realize.  Ever since the 2021 Superbowl that made ...
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CodePen Screenshot

Learn HTML by Using Codepen: A Simple Web Page

Have you wanted to learn the code behind webpages?  Codepen is a great tool to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript which are the foundation of most webpages on the internet today.  Let me introduce you to and give you ...
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No Code or Low Code
BlogCodingLow Code

What is “low code” or “no code”? You May be The Next Citizen Developer

No-Code and Low-Code software program creation is here and this is what you can do with it. I explain what is “coding” in a prior blog post so if the concept of software programming is still new or “fuzzy” to ...
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TechSmith Camtasia Screen Recorder

What I Wish Everyone Knew About Camtasia

Camtasia is a software tool that easily records your computer screen and allows you to edit it. If you are looking to record what you see on your desktop computer and create an engaging video to share with students or ...
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GetMeCoding What is Dreamweaver

What is Dreamweaver? 5 Reasons To Start Using It

Adobe Dreamweaver is a software program used for building websites and web applications. I’ll go over Dreamweaver CC in this post and give you 5 reasons to start using it. Since I have been using Adobe Dreamweaver for almost two ...
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Adobe Dreamweaver - Quick Tutorial
Adobe DreamweaverBlogCareer

Adobe Dreamweaver – How To Build A Webpage (Quick Tutorial)

In a recent blog post, I gave you 5 reasons to start using Adobe Dreamweaver.  In this post, I share a video (be sure to SUBSCRIBE to our Youtube channel) where I demonstrate a quick tutorial on  how to use ...
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GetMeCoding BLOG The Penclic Mouse review

Product Review – How The Penclic Mouse Stopped My Wrist and Arm Pain

It has been almost 4 years now and I am pain free in my wrist and arm.  As a life long computer user, I developed pain in my forearm and shoulder blades as part of my RSI (repetitive stress injury) ...
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