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What is a Prompt Engineer And What Skills Will You Need?

Do you know what a Prompt Enginner is and what their skills are?   ChatGPT has been a huge tech buzzword these past few months and I explain it here.  Take the time to try it out.  But if have and …

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What is chatGPT?

Artificial intelligence has been a topic for a long time but now what is chatGPT?  Make no doubt about it, it isn’t a passing fad like a kids toy.  It is something we are discussing quite a bit in many …

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Kids building with coding toys.

Coding Toy Idea Book Download [2022 Update]

Are you looking for a coding toy idea as a gift?  The GetMeCoding Coding Toy Idea Book updated for 2022 has arrived!! As a kid growing up, I always looked forward to the JCPenney’s and Sears Christmas and Holiday gift …

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GetMeCoding with the OnTheStacksPodcast and Marty the Robot

A Talk with the OnTheStacks Podcast

I recently had a great conversation with the OnTheStacks Podcast where I shared my story and what you can do to inspire young people to explore coding.  We had a lot of laughs as my host, Bill Corcoran Jr. is …

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Image of parent in car in front of college

Let Go: 4 Success Tips for You and Your College Freshman

In this post I share 4 success tips I give to parents during my college orientation talk.  In June, every year across the United States, young people graduate from high school.  Most have finalized any plans for attending college and …

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STEM in Walt Disney World

How A Walt Disney World Vacation Can Inspire Learning: 5 Must See STEM Related Attractions

When you think STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), do you think of a Walt Disney World Vacation? As the school year ends in the United States, many families head to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida as their vacation …

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Various dads coding with their kids
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Coding With Dad: A Win On So Many Levels

A note from the author, Mr. Fred: This “Coding With Dad: A Win On So Many Levels” blog post was originally posted almost 5 years ago but continues to prompt many kind words from readers so I have updated it …

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BLOG How to use a QR Code picture of drinks and qr code menu

How to Use a QR Code

I get asked quite frequently about how to use a QR code because it seems super technical.  The reality is that it is quite easy but there is something not everyone may realize.  Ever since the 2021 Superbowl that made …

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Stranger Things Netflix Series

The Stranger Things Series Returns

The Stranger Things Series return on Netflix. We take a quick look back at Bob Newby our favorite coder.

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