GetMeCoding Interview with Ryan Leckey

Innovate and Inspire: My Strategy to Spark Excellence in Young Coders

As the creator of and a passionate advocate for technology education, I am thrilled to share my latest video interview titled “Innovate and Inspire: Fred Aebli’s Strategy to Spark Excellence.” In this exclusive interview, I dive deep into the methodologies and personal experiences that have shaped my approach to teaching coding and technology. 

My mission is to equip the next generation with the skills and creativity they need to excel in a digital world, and this interview offers valuable insights for parents, educators, and young enthusiasts alike.

Join me in fostering a love for coding and innovation, and let’s inspire excellence in every young coder we reach.

Ryan Leckey and Mr. Fred Interview

The Interview

I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan Leckey and his team one morning at the Ryan Leckey Media studio for an interview. The studio exuded high energy and perfectly reflected its dynamic owner. As soon as I walked in, I couldn’t help but feel excited. Before we began recording, Ryan and I chatted, which was a lot of fun and helped us both relax. Ryan is a total pro who is an Emmy award-winning content creator & storyteller.  I thought I had energy but Ryan is supercharged times one thousand!

The interview was shared via Youtube and also uploaded to Ryan’s podcast that features many great guests.  I highly recommend subscribing to both the podcast and the Youtube Channel.

What to Listen for in the Interview

This episode explores my journey from being inspired by Star Wars in 1977 to pursuing computer science, joining the Marine Corps, and eventually becoming an educator.

It delves into the evolution of internet technology, the importance of critical thinking in the age of AI, and the role of education in preparing individuals for future job roles. The episode also highlights my efforts to inspire curiosity and teach coding, as well as their involvement in community impact projects.

Overall, I emphasized the significance of adaptability, communication skills, and passion in the tech-driven world.

The Key Points

We covered alot of ground in our hour together and you may hear many things not listed below.  Whatever your take-a-way is from our talk I hope you will find it helpful and inspiring.

Summing it up.....

I’m very grateful for being a guest on Ryan’s show but I am thrilled to be able to raise awareness on so many topics including helping out in your own local community.

If I can ever help you with getting started either learning to code or helping your community email me here.

Happy coding! Mr Fred

Mr. Fred

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