Scratch Backgrounds

Scratch – Working with backgrounds

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Scratch – Working with Backgrounds Difficulty: Intro As you work on your project, adding an interesting background is very important.  This tutorial goes over how to change your background.  Keep an eye out for further ways to customize a background in a later tutorial. Previous: Working with Sounds Next: Using Broadcast [message type=”custom” width=”100%” […]

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Scratch Broadcast

Scratch – Using the broadcast block

Scratch Tutorial – Using Broadcast Difficulty: Intro and Intermediate Stepping into this tutorial takes you right to the edge of the ‘intro’ and begins to move you towards a more complex way of making your animation or game.  Broadcast is like yelling out something to tell someone to do something or maybe handing off a

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Scratch Sensing

Scratch – Sensing and interacting with other objects

Scratch Tutorial – Sensing other objects Difficulty: Intermediate This tutorial is the beginning of how you can have your animation or game take on more of a realistic feel.  Sprites (eg graphics) don’t know each other exist in your work.  As a programmer, you have to tell them this.  To get this done with Scratch, there

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