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Scratch - Getting Started Account Creation
Account SetupCodingScratch

Scratch – Create Your Account

Scratch Tutorial – Create Your Scratch Account Create Your Scratch Account New to Scratch or “Block Coding”? Watch our block coding overview here to see what we mean. If you are just starting off learning to code, try using Scratch. ...
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Scratch Learn to Move
Block codingCodingMoving

Scratch – Learning to Move (Part 1)

Scratch Tutorial – Learning to Move Part 1 Learning to Move (Part I) New to Scratch or “Block Coding”?  Watch our block coding overview here to see what we mean. If you are just starting off learning to code, try using ...
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Scratch Get Moving Part 2
Block codingCodingGetmecoding

Scratch – Learning to Move (Part 2)

Scratch Tutorial – Learning to Move Part 2 Difficulty: Intro This is a continuation of having your sprite (aka the Scratch the Cat graphic) move across your scene. Notice there are other BLUE blocks under the MOTION category. Try them ...
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Scratch Using Basic Loops
Block codingCodingGetmecoding

Scratch – Basic Loops (Making something repeat)

Scratch Tutorial – Using Basic Loops (Repeat) Difficulty: Intro This tutorial demonstrates how you get an action or activity to repeat using a programming concept known as a loop.  Loops are great when you need something to happen over and ...
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Scratch Costumes
Block codingCodingcostumes

Scratch – Working with sprites and costumes

Scratch Tutorial – Working with Costumes Difficulty: Intro In this tutorial you will begin to understand how your can change or manipulate sprites by editing costumes.    When you change a sprite color, modify the way it looks, or duplicate ...
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Scratch Sounds
Block codingCodingGetmecoding

Scratch – Working with the sound library

Scratch Tutorial – Working with Sounds Difficulty: Intro Sounds are an important part to any animation or game.  This tutorial lets you use sounds in your animation and have a little fun.  Scratch has a great library of sounds and ...
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Scratch Backgrounds
BackgroundsBlock codingCoding

Scratch – Working with backgrounds

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Scratch – Working with Backgrounds Difficulty: Intro As you work on your project, adding an interesting background is very important.  This tutorial goes over how to change your background.  Keep an eye out for further ways to customize a ...
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Scratch Broadcast
Block codingbroadcastCoding

Scratch – Using the broadcast block

Scratch Tutorial – Using Broadcast Difficulty: Intro and Intermediate Stepping into this tutorial takes you right to the edge of the ‘intro’ and begins to move you towards a more complex way of making your animation or game.  Broadcast is ...
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