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Keeping Kids Safe Online: A Cyber Security Talk for Everyone

If you are a parent, teacher, or someone who provides care for young people, teaching them to be safe safe online should be a top priority.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the technology and not sure how to manage it to keep kids safe?

Do you provide rules in your house for online activity?

A Cyber Security Talk for Everyone

In the United State October is known as National Cyber Security Month.  During the month government and industry leaders provide Americans reminders and resources for safe computing.

However, young people using devices that connect to the internet should be reminded all year long about cyber security and cyber safety.

I was recently interviewed on the WNEP News stations podcast, The Parent Pod hosted by Sarah Buynovsky, where we discussed how to keep kids safe online and provide parents with a number of tips and resources.

Our talk focused on what you should know to keep young people safe online.  We also noted the child sextortion that is occurring.  I covered this topic and steps you should take to ensure it doesn’t happen in your home and what to do if it is. 

Parent Pod Podcast Inteview

Listen to the Podcast Interview

I want to thank WNEP and Sarah Buynovsky for inviting me and sharing this important information.

Listen to it on WNEP’s website.

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Be safe, Mr Fred

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