GetMeCoding with the OnTheStacksPodcast and Marty the Robot

A Talk with the OnTheStacks Podcast

I recently had a great conversation with the OnTheStacks Podcast where I shared my story and what you can do to inspire young people to explore coding.  We had a lot of laughs as my host, Bill Corcoran Jr. is the perfect person to sit down with and tell stories!

The OnTheStacks Podcast image with Mr. Fred and Bill Corcoran Jr.
GetMeCoding on the OnTheStacks Podcast

Listen to the full podcast by selecting your platform over on the #OnTheStacks Podcast website.

The OnTheStacks Podcast studio is located in Wilkes-Barre, PA where Bill brings his guests in and treats them like friends.  That is evident in his energy, interest, and love of good conversation.  THANK YOU BILL!!!

If you find this talk interesting and would like for me to continue the conversation with your podcast, channel, or organization, please reach out to me.  I would love the opportunity to share my story and help inspire young people to explore coding and pursue their dreams.

It was an honor to get an invite from Bill who is doing an outstanding job of bringing forward many of the movers and shakers in Northeast Pennsylvania.

Visit the OnTheStacks website to see all the great guests and then subscribe to his podcast and Youtube Channel as you will find these talks are quite good!

Enjoy the conversation and feel free to reach out to me and speak at your next event!

Happy listening & viewing, Mr Fred




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