Youtube - Book Review - Ada Lovelace Poet of Science The First Computer Programmer

Who is Ada Lovelace – A Children’s Book Review

When good friend and super mom, Jen Hoffman of the podcast suggested I check out a book, I didn’t hesitate.  As a homeschooling Mom, she is well versed in selecting excellent materials for her children. She messaged me that Ada Lovelace Poet of Science The First Computer Programmer by Diane Stanley is a children’s book I should read.

A Perfect Book for Grades 3-5

If you are reading to or with your child, you are doing a huge favor them as it greatly helps them succeed in the classroom.  So introducing the topic of computer programming at this age is very unique in my opinion.

I really enjoyed this book.

Who is Ada Lovelace?

Without giving too much away she is given credit as one of creators of the first computer program.  She worked closely with Charles Babbage.  Charles Babbage Analytical EngineCharles Babbage also considered the father of computer programming created the Analytical Engine which was capable of doing mathematical calculations.   Ada is introduced here as a young lady with a very good imagination and an innovative spirit.  She is an excellent role model for any young child.

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How To Mix Imagination And Science

We learn about Ada’s wonderful imagination but then later she develops a very strong science background. By meeting new friends she learns that imagination and science go hand in hand. This is what truly impressed me about this book.

I have taught computer programming for almost two decades and I can say with certainty that the yes, programming requires logical thinking skills but it also requires creativity and imagination.


Lastly, the examples of her creativity and pursuit of a mathematical education tie very well into the Science Technology Engineering (Arts) Math theme we are seeing across the country in our schools.

It is done in a colorful and engaging way that a child will enjoy without feeling the old stereotype many parents may have when you mention science and math.  This is very well written by Diane Stanley.

Why is there so much about STEM?

The truth is there is NOT enough about STEM.  As a child gets older we hope that they connect with what interests them.  That interest can become a passion which may become a career. 

We all know kids in the United States play alot of sports with some parents hoping for a career in the major leagues of their sport but other options exist.

As parents and teachers we need to ensure kids are being exposed to STEM topics on a regular basis.  I wouldn’t want every kid to think this is the only path but they should know it IS a path that can have them working in an area that is very rewarding.

So Diane Stanley’s book is an excellent introduction to a woman who found her path and had fun taking on the challenges it presented.

Enjoy this book! Mr Fred

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