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Coding Lab Activity Bundle

Bundle Preview:

The Coding Lab Activity Bundle contains all the components to run a computer programming (aka “coding”) lab activity. Not everyone needs to be a computer programmer but this STEM/STEAM activity will get kids excited about building their own animation or game.
Perfect for the classroom.  It can also be offered after school or as a ‘camp’.

The Storyboard

Teach young people to plan out their ideas and see where their logical sequence of activities takes them. You can use the printout I provide here or visit the resources for an online storyboard editor.

The Pitch

Have your young people sharpen their presentation skills by walking everyone through their storyboard.

The Video Tutorials with Challenges

Students can view engaging video tutorials where they can pause, rewind, and watch steps over and over until they understand the task. Each tutorial comes with challenges to expand on what the video tutorial just taught them. Then once they are done, use the reflection questions to think about how they just completed the work.
The video tutorials cover important topics that cover:
  • AUTOMATION (eg. loops)
  • LOGIC (eg. If This, Then That)


The tutorials are broken down into difficulty and as the student completes that level they can earn a badge.
The materials that I have assembled here are time tested as I have delivered them to many young people over the years.


What The Lab Includes:

  • Example Week Long Schedule
  • Storyboard template and storyboard example
  • 9 Video Tutorials
  • 9 Challenges
  • Badges
  • Resource Links


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