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  • Spark Creativity With This Idea Maker

Did you ever have students who didn’t feel creative?

Being creative sometimes needs a little help to get going.

Inspire creative ideas for your students using these fun and simple “idea prompts”. 

HELPFUL for Coding and and Digital Storytelling for use with:

  • The Scratch Coding tool
  • Sphero programmable robots
  • ANY projects that need to start with an idea

These help begin the process of creating code for a creative project.

A classroom activity for the single student or the team that are working on a project that requires them to code. 

This activity simulates the process where you get the idea out and “on the table” for others to help think it out.

Who can use this....

Why use it....

The .pdf file download contains easy to follow forms that encourages critical thinking along with example guidelines for using them. 

Excluding 6% tax

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Excluding 6% tax

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