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Camp or classroom?

Bring in LIVE coding!

Learning at home?
Need ideas for your class?
Out of ideas??

Being a teacher is a challenge.
Being a parent is also challenging.

Being a parent and teaching in your own home can be an even BIGGER CHALLENGE.

You want the home learning experience for your family to be good but some topics are difficult to teach when you don’t have the experience to teach it.

Why not learn to Code Create Build a game?

Having no summer camps doesn’t mean the end to learning.

Learn from the original creator of the BUILD A GAME COURSE…..me…..Mr. Fred!

Bring a fun kids coding camp for 7-12 year olds right into your home LIVE using the Build A Game Course that has its roots in many coding camps for over 15 years.  It works.


Finish What You Start Approach

All options are  LIVE and interactive via Zoom.  It is an entry level approach to learning how to code.

Instead of watching videos on their own and never finishing building something, these events get you across the finish line.

These camps are built on years of my coding camp and classroom coding exercises.

As a college professor who has taught for over 20 years in the classroom, developed software with my business, and taught kids coding camps, I know there is great value in not only learning the skills but also learning the process.   My approach brings this all together in a fun way.  Whether you want to become a coder or not, creating is fun.  That is what this camp is all about!

Here is what I cover in the LIVE camps...

Are you a teacher prepping for the school year?

Be sure to check out the BE A STEM WIZARD package where I help you use the materials in your classroom.

LIVE Home Options

Be A STEM Wizard (for teachers)

YOU TEACH IT. I will assist you with the Coding Activity downloads and walk you through each part. You can then modify them to fit your own home. As you have a question, simply email me and I will help you out.

One-on-One "LIVE" - $239

I TEACH IT LIVE. We set up scheduled LIVE meetups where we work one on one with your young person via Zoom. It is like have a personal tutor. This is NOT a passive 'watch a video' event but instead a highly interactive event.

Small Group - "LIVE" - $490

I TEACH IT LIVE. Gather 2-4 of your friends from their homes and let's meet LIVE via Zoom to work as a team. We will set up a small team of 'developers' and begin a project to build a game together.


What kind of computer and software do i need ?

All you need is a computer running the Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browser.  You do not need to install any other programs.

What is the best schedule?

This is really up to you.  As long as time slots are available, I recommend 3 days in a row but have also done Saturday mornings.

What is the recommended age for these activities?

This camp is best for 7 to 12 year olds.  However, I am willing to work with anyone one-on-one.

NOTE: Parents or guardians should be present at all times.

what is the programming language?

We use the Scratch coding platform.  It provides a fun and easy way to learn the basics of coding.  There are many coding concepts you can learn with using Scratch.

What video platform is used?

We will use a password protected and controlled access GetMeCoding Zoom session.

Do you also teach other programming languages?

Yes, but I would rather speak to you in person and see how I can support this before doing anything else.

Pick a Package

It isn’t just about the programming language….

  • Improve critical thinking skills all students need
  • Sharpen logic and reasoning and prepare them for the next level of education
  • Use the idea creator for your future games/stories
  • Learn software storyboarding used by software developers so you can plan next steps
  • Learn coding fundamentals used by all programmers using SCRATCH (Beginner to Advanced Concepts)
  • Work with Mr. Fred a college professor and software programmer
  • Spark their interest and challenge their curiosity 
  • Have fun and ask questions….. IT IS LIVE!

This course is an interactive event the combines STEM/STEAM concepts and creativity. 

Teacher STEM Help - GetMeCoding.com

Be A
STEM Wizard

You teach, I guide you
$ 100
  • Zoom Calls
  • Build a game walk through
  • 3 Months of Teacher Support
  • BONUS - Live Appearance (via Zoom)
Code at Home One on One - GetMeCoding.com


3 Days - One on One Meetups
$ 239
  • 3 Days, 1 Hour Each via Zoom
  • Learn coding by building a game
  • Teacher Support
  • 25% off future course offerings
  • Follow up with Mr. Fred
Code at Home in Teams - GetMeCoding.com

Small Group "LIVE"

4 Days - 2-4 Friends Meetup
$ 490
  • 4 Days, 1 Hour Each via Zoom
  • Learn coding by building a game
  • Work as a team
  • Learn with friends
  • 25% off future course offerings

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