Let's Work Together

I am available for 60 Minute video/phone calls to help you with any challenges or questions you have about learning to code or technology.

Can I help you think through some of the challenges you are having as you get started with your coding and technology journey?

Let me help you break through that initial barrier. If you are just starting out and this is all overwhelming, I can help be your guide. Having been a teacher and consultant with over 20 years of experience, I have helped so many people, and I can help you.


  • Block Programming
  • Classroom Project Ideas
  • Coding Basics
  • Databases
  • Interface Design
  • Technology Ideas
  • Website Development

When you are ready for your 60 Minute Call, follow these steps:

  1. Assemble any specific details of your problem or questions.
  2. Select your date & time.
  3. Complete the payment information.
  4. If a video call, make sure your technology is working.
  5. Attend our meeting.
  6. Let me know what specific questions or challenges you are having.
  7. When done, apply what we talked about and let me know how it goes and your success!

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