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Stranger Things Bob's BASIC Program

Stranger Things And Bob Coding BASIC

My daughter called out to me from our family room, “hey Dad, you have to see this scene from Stranger Things”! There is a character named Bob Newby, played by Sean Astin, telling another character that to hack into the

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GetMeCoding BLOG Machine Learning and Robots

Machine learning and will robots take control?

Machine learning and will robots take control?   “Some day software will write itself and we won’t need programmers.”  This was said by my freshman computer science teacher to us as computer science students in 1986.    Here we are

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GetMeCoding Blog Is web development coding

Is Web Page Design Considered ‘Coding’?

Whenever I meet new students wanting to learn how to code, I ask a simple question “have you ever coded?”.  The answer is usually “yes” but quickly followed with a “well…sort of”. Some say “yes, I used Microsoft PowerPoint” and

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GetMeCoding Teaching Coding Tips

My Top 5 Tips For Teaching Coding

These are my top 5 tips for teaching coding that I applied over the past 20 years.  Since I have been teaching students in higher education how to work with technology and young kids how to code, I learned a

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Why Scratch Is Great For Learning To Code

Why Scratch Is Great For Learning To Code

When I was thinking through this week’s blog entry I had a brief conversation with a parent who had stated they wanted to spark the curiosity of their daughter to learn how to code.  The parent was knowledgeable with technology

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