Coder Course

  • Learn programming concepts
  • Make graphic characters move
  • Work with sound effects
  • Create scenes for characters
  • Build a Game
  • Earn Badges & GetMeCoding Certificate
  • Includes unlimited UPDATES
  • Mr. Fred works with you

Lifetime Access $24.99

Frequently Asked Questions

A: Simple…because I am a teacher and you are my student and with that comes my responsibility to TEACH you. Those are all wonderful sites but having been in the classroom, tutoring, camps and being a Dad, I know how important it is to get to know your teacher.  You don’t get to do that on the other sites.

A: 5 hours.  If you really get into the challenges and get creative….I think you will be at it longer which by the way, is very cool!

A: 7 years old to 107 years old. (However, if younger than 7, it is possible if an adult helps).

You will be using a BLOCK CODING tool known as Scratch.

What you learn here can be applied elsewhere.

The coding tool is similar to:

  • Google’s Android App Inventor
  • CISCO’s Hardware programming tool
  • Sphero’s Lightning Lab Coding App

Block Coding is a visual way of seeing your code. Instead of typing text, you connect shapes (aka blocks) which represent logical coding pieces. The result is a ‘build and try’ approach.

A: If you are not satisfied, you will receive a full refund. However….. I think you will enjoy this chance to begin coding.

Coding Course

Learn Coding and Build A Game
$ 24
  • Work with Mr. Fred as your MENTOR AND TEACHER
  • Learn programming concepts
  • Learn how to build a game
  • Make graphic charcters move
  • Work with sound effects
  • Create character environments
  • No downloads or installs necessary
  • No prior coding knowledge needed
  • Earn Badges and a GetMeCoding Certificate

Let me help you unlock the mystery of coding.

Course Instructor

Hello!  My name is Fred Aebli, or as my students call me….”Mr. Fred”.  

Learning how to code can seem intimidating but I want to be your guide as I help you explore what coding (eg. programming) is in this course.  We use a great tool called Scratch.  It lays the foundation for learning any of the programming languages in our world.

Let me use my two decades of teaching experience as a university teacher and technology consultant to help begin laying the foundation of a great skill, develop critical thinking skills, understand coding, and have some fun.

Student Reviews

As teachers we never expect anything from our students except to give their best effort.  However, from time to time we do hear from our students and those we are helping.  I am always humbled by their kind words….

” For all my moms and dads out there who’d like to introduce their littles to coding – Mr. Fred is the best of the best (and a damned awesome person to boot)!!  “

Lisa D. G.

Mom & Owner - The Castle Runner

” Whether you’ve never coded before or you have but just want to formalize your tech skills, Mr. Fred starts at the basics for a comprehensive perspective and a thorough grasp on fundamental concepts that you will utilize later in your development courses or individual pursuits.   “

Nicole S.

Former Student

” Learning from Mr. Fred is not your traditional “hold on tight and learn lots”. He has a way of captivating his students, and getting them just as excited about the subjects as he is.   “

Mark S.​

Former Student

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions that I have heard over the years.  If you still have any questions, don’t hesitate in contacting me.

What experience do I need to succeed in this course?

You should be familiar with a computer – using the mouse, clicking and dragging, simple addition and subtraction.  Other than that no, prior coding experience is necessary!

Is ‘block programming’ really programming?

Yes.  The blocks represent logical constructs that when assemble accomplish a task.  The best thing about block programming is that it focuses on your logic and not how well you can type.

Are you available one-on-one if I get stuck?

My goal is to help you.

So, yes, we can arrange a call or video meetup.  It may even be possible to arrange a meeting depending on your location.  SCHEDULE WITH ME HERE.

What is next after taking this course?

Learning to code is a journey as a software developer and teacher, I can tell you the learning is non-stop.  Once you see what coding is all about and what you can do with it, you can follow on with other languages.  I will be providing more courses in the future.

Let me help you take your first step in learning how to code.